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What Is Kasol
 Famous For-
 Top Places To
 Visit In Kasol 

You must have heard many times about Himachal’s a popular place Kasol. Kasol, in the lap of Parvati valley, is a small but exquisite tourist destination in Himachal Pradesh. for its peace. Silent and full of natural treasures, this place lives on the tongue of the tourists coming to Himachal. the main destination of foreign tourists especially Israelis in India. As you enter the border of Kasol, you will get a glimpse of Israeli culture. Every year many tourists come from Israel to visit here. As soon as you enter , you will see colorful tents and motor bikes. Perhaps very few people know that Kasol the ‘Israel of India’. This place is very advanced in terms of tourism. There is a lot to see and see around Kasol and very attractive places exist near it, today in this article we will tell you about these special places.

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In this blog I will cover the following points, and its going to be the Most Detailed guide on internet about kasol. 


  • Facts to know about Kasol.
  •  Best time to visit Kasol. 
  • What is Kasol famous for? 
  • How many days are required for a trip to Kasol? 
  • Places to stay at Kasol 
  • Mode of transport/ Best route to visit Kasol. 
  • Budget for Kasol Trip. 
  • Itinerary. 

 1. What Is Kasol Famous For- Facts To Know.

Before going to trip you must know about the place where you are going so, you may not fall in any inconvenience or get cheated by the locals. So, Let's get started.

Kasol is a village in Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh in Northern India situated in parvati valley. Not so interesting right. So keep on reading to know some of the unknown facts about Kasol. Parvati valley is one of the most beautiful valley in the world. Kasol is fast emerging as a hub of backpackers, trekkers and nature lovers. Let's remember some old things. When we were kids we used to make some drawings in our art class which basically consists of mountains, in between which a river flowed. Trees and clouds in the surrounding. Try to remember. And when I first visited Kasol I felt if that drawings have come alive and I was living in it. It is so awesome there that you can spend hours there and not getting bored. 

Are you eating Indian Food In Kasol. If you are doing so and thinking you will get only nature and have to fill your stomach only with that then you are so wrong. They also have great foods. Try to avoid eating Indian food in Kasol. Kasol is famous for Israeli Food. Locals have embraced their food, language and culture like their own. If you are in Kasol which is also called the mini Israel and you didn't try the Israeli food, your trip will be incomplete. 

Kasol is the perfect destination for Hippies. You will see these people roam in loose and natural fiber clothes. Hippies are interested in an alternative lifestyle and rebelling against the society prone to increasing technology and easing their lives. They are focused to freedom and getting back to nature. When I wore these epic clothes for first time I felt very comfortable and calm. Not getting tensed of my dirty clothes. The feeling was so different and amazing. Travelers going there, must try the Hippy clothes. That will make your trip more peaceful and calm.

Every Indian Traveler thinks that why are there so many young Israelis in Kasol. From now strop thinking. Here is the answer. In one of trip to Himachal Predesh, the state where Kasol is located, I had a chance to join a friendly Israeli group in my road trip and this summarizes the reason given by them. 

  • As per norm in the country, every Israeli needs to go through the span of (probably 2-3 years) for extensive military training. Of course, as expected, their life is really hard in the early 20's, while people of most countries are struggling for career and education, the Israelis got an altogether different sort of problem, which affects their mental health at a very young age. The routine life of the army, at times, makes them really depressed. So, to get back to normal life they need time somewhere else, far from their country. Unfortunately, as we all know, Israeli are not beloved by most of the countries around it and in their early 20's, many cannot really intend to make an elongated euro trip which can be far more costly. Now on one hand India is an amazing yet cheap place to travel to and on the other hand Indians are not at all hostile (in fact really friendly) towards Jews. So, India is a very common and comfortable destination for Israeli in general. 

2. What is Kasol Famous For- Best Time To Visit Kasol. 

If you are looking for some snow show, winters are the best time to visit. Which is obviously my favorite season, though there are chances of blocking of roads due to snow but still I liked the snow. Or if you like the high greenery and want to inhale all the greenery beside you, visit during the months of April and June. In April the temperature increases and snow melts, so you have enough room to trek. You must camp under the starry skies in the lap of nature, if you are visiting Kasol in the summers. But you must avoid Kasol during the monsoons. But in whichever season you go, must take some time out and spend some quality time by the picturesque Parvati River. 

 3.What is Kasol Famous For- Why Should You Visit Kasol/points of interest?

I will come straight to the point about what famous for, I will list down all the places near and in kasol and explain about them one by one. So these are the places that you can visit if you are in kasol.   

A. Manikaran Gurudwara:

Manikaran Gurudwara is around 6 Km. from Ksaol's main square. You have two options. You can either take a taxi or bus, or else you can start walking its only 6 Km. from Kasol.

B. What is Kasol Famous For- Excursion to Nearby Villages 

Now, I will infoem bout some nearby villages, where you can visit, among these i found the best village is Malana. I will also give information about some more worth to do excursion cum trek if you are in Kasol. The villages include Tosh village, chalal village, Tirthan Valley etc. about which all the information has been given in the upcoming subpoint. 

i. What is Kasol Famous for- Visit Malana Village on Kasol Tour Package:- 

Malana is a beautiful ancient village nestled in the lap of the Himalayas for Himachal Pradesh Tourist. A little different from the culture of India and the world, this village is known for its distinct identity. The high mountain range, the mountain valley, makes it different from other regions of India. Malana believed to have been the oldest democracy in the world. The local residents here follow their own culture, customs and traditions. This village can be counted among those places in the world whose existence was quite secretive.

This village on a Kasol tour is a very special for tourists. If you want to discover the history of this village, then you can book the Himachal Pradesh tour package. a big boost by state tourism and travelers from all over the world. People from far and wide now come to see this village. Beautifully drenched, this place considered quite special for experiencing something different among nature.
Let me just tell you how to reach there. In order to reach Malana village you would first have to reach Jeiry which you can reach by car and after that you have to trek for one hour and after that you will be at Malana Village. So, you can explore the village, you can buy some local stuff for yourself or you can enjoy the natural beauty of the place. 

ii. What is Kasol Famous for- Visit Tosh Village on Kasol Tour Package:- 

Tosh, on the banks of the Tosh River at a height of about 2,400 meters above sea level, is a beautiful hill village in Himachal Pradesh. The village is known for its geographical structure and Himalayan beauty. Tosh, on the banks of the Parvati valley, is an offbeat destination in Kasol where the tourists love to visit. This village is surrounded by hills from all sides, due to which Ghati is considered very special for adventure enthusiasts for himachal Pradesh tourist. It is an ideal destination for trekking due to rugged paths. The trek here starts from Kheerganga and passes through the exciting routes of the valleys, along the banks of the rivulet Tosh. This trekking journey is considered very special. It is very difficult to describe beauty here in the winter season. However, the weather of himachal Pradesh remains pleasant during the summer.

The only option to reach this village is to heir taxi. The taxi will drop you to a certain point and after that you will have to trek for half an hour to reach your cottage. 

iii. What is Kasol Famous for- Tirthan Valley, Himachal Pradesh Trip in holidays:- 

The Tirthan valley is an exquisite Himalayan corner, situated amidst a quiet forest valley about 60 km from Kasol. The spectacular views of the valley, the mountain passages and the jungle amaze and thrill the visitors. You can enjoy the Amazing views of this beautiful valley during a day trip to Kasol. There are many nature waterfalls in this valley. You will definitely experience mental and spiritual peace in river-springs close to nature. This valley is also famous for its exciting trek route. You can understand the inner beauty of Tirthan by taking a hiking tour. From lush green valleys and nature lovers to adventure adventure enthusiasts, this place is quite special. 

iv.What is Kasol Famous for- Parvati Ganga tourist place on Kasol Trip:- 

The river Parvati flowing through the Parvati valley is called the heart of this region, or rather the river is the lifeline of the surrounding villages. The river originates from the glacier of the Pin Parvati mountain range and rises further through Kasol. This sacred site also touches Manikaran before joining the river Bass. If seen, this is an exquisite holy river for Himachal Pradesh tourist. One of the famous tourist destinations of Kasol, this river gives a meaning to this place. Passing through dense forests on both sides, this river creates a great thrill among tourists. To get a different feel of nature, you must enjoy the walk here. This place is very peaceful for the tourist. You must visit there once in your life. 

v.What is Kasol Famous for- Bhuntar tourist place on Kasol tour:- 

Apart from the above-mentioned places Himachal Pradesh, you can plan a trip to Bhuntar, about 30 km from Kasol. Bhuntar is an offbeat tourist destination under Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh. This hilly destination is nestled amidst dense forests and steep trails. The breathtaking view here is no less than an herb for the eyes. Narrow and difficult routes make Bhuntar a thrill. You can plan a visit to this special place to enjoy relaxing, natural beauty or shopping amidst nature. The plan here is an ideal option to spend a quality time with family and friends. 

vi.What is Kasol Famous for- Visit Chalal village on Kasol, Himachal Pradesh tour:- 

Kasol gets the spotlight among the villages of Parvati valley, one can enjoy the peace of Himachal Pradesh by trekking from this major city to the small village of Chalal. At an elevation of 5300 feet and a 30-minute walk from Kasol’s tourist center, Chalal has retained its old rustic charm. With a view of snow-capped mountains and deodar trees in the beautiful Parvati valley of the Himachal Pradesh, this quaint city is called the “Israel of Himachal Pradesh”.Numerous backpackers and tourists travel to Chalal. Chalal has given birth to many parties that go deep into the jungles, creating an ideal star-studded place within the mountains in a mysterious sky. However, the joy of losing oneself in the pride of the mountains and living an ordinary life remains within the small stoop of Chail, making it a beautiful necessity for backpackers around the world. What Is Kasol Famous for- Visit Flea Market on Kasol, Himachal Pradesh Tour :- Market browsing is one of the major things to do in Kasol. Although the market street is a bit smaller, you’ll find shops adorned with Jimi Hendrix goodies, night vision glasses, neon trinkets and accessories, woolen clothes, caps and shoes that want to take you back home. Apart from this, the market is situated in the backdrop of hills at one end of the road which also makes for an ideal picturesque walk. 

D.What is Kasol Famous for- Visit Buddha Place on Kasol Tour Himachal Pradesh:- 

Buddha Place is another one of the trademark cafes in Kasol Himachal Pradesh. Although it has limited seating space and limited food options on the menu, but the place offers mesmerising views of the valley outside the window. Abuzz with activity all day long, the best meals here are Maggi, chai, and coffee. Also, trying banana crepes here is one of the top touristy things to do in Kasol.

E.What is Kasol Famous for- Restaurants And Local Food on Kasol tour package Himachal Pradesh:-

If you are here to visit Kasauli, then here you can make your trip special by tasting some local and traditional cuisine of Himachal. Let us know that special food items in Himachal include poppy seeds pudding, kadhi and sidu (Sidu is a type of bread). Here green ginger tea (which also contains cinnamon and spices) is the most special among some special beverages to bring agility and ability to your body. If you come to visit Himachal, do not forget to taste this tea. Apart from this, fast foods here include Aloo Tikki, Samosas, Kachori, Chole Bhature, Bread Pakoras and more. Apart from these local street foods, you are able to experience fine cuisine in various restaurants here. 

F.What is Kasol Famous for- Taste Israeli food on Kasol :- 

Kasol Israeli is very popular with the tourists, because of which it also called Mini Israel of India. Kasol has several Israeli restaurants, where you can taste Israeli cuisine.

4. How Many Days Are Required For Trip To Kasol: 

According to my expriencem 3 days would be enough for a trip to Kasol. But keep in mind you must visit the Malana village, try the Israeli food and if you Get a chance obviously do a camping beside the river and do a hiking and trekking. So, I think 3 to 4 days would be enough to have all the things done at Kasol. No, need to worry, Later On I will provide Day wise plan/ itinerary later in this blog.

5. Places To Stay In Kasol: 

Here, I am Listing my favourite places to stay at Kasol. However if you like you find your prefferable deal depending on your budget clicking the see deal button in the image below. 

My Preffered Stays at Kasols are listed below: 

Natural Hill View, Kasol: The Hotel Is Located Near the Sony Cottage, Kasol. Trut me the location is excellent. And above all, its the best hotel you can get that price range in Kasol. Featuring a garden and a terrace, Natural Hill View provides accommodations in Kasol with free WiFi and garden views. With mountain views, this property has a balcony. The family stay consists of 1 bathroom with a hairdryer and free toiletries, and a seating area. There's a dining area and a kitchen complete with a dishwasher, a microwave and a fridge. The nearest airport is Kullu–Manali Airport, 30.6 km from the family stay.And the best thing I found about this hotel is that they speak your language! You can also checkout the review score of the hotel at booking com. Just simply click this review badge from booking.

If have not liked the above mentioned, my preffered homestay and want to get some five star exprience from your hotel, no need to worry just click the see deals buttom below and you will get all the top deals for your selected dates here.

Or if you want to book the stay which one you like the most you can also search the best deal of the specified hotel from the search box provided below.

6.Mode Of Transport/ How To Reach Kasol:- 

There is a small quiet town of Kasauli in Solan district of Himachal Pradesh state, which is a paradise for mountain lovers. If you want to go to Kasauli and want to know about it, then please read the information below, in which we have given complete information about how to go with the help of Kasauli, airplane, rail and bus.

How To Reach Kasol By Air:- 

The nearest airport to Kasauli is Chandigarh Airport. For this airport, you have regular domestic flight services to all important Indian cities of India like Amritsar, Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Srinagar and Kolkata. Chandigarh Airport is located at a distance of about 70 km from Kasauli. To reach Kasauli from Chandigarh you will easily get taxis from outside the airport at low prices.

How to Reach Kasol By Road:- 

Explain that Kasauli well connected to major cities of India like Delhi, Solam, Shimla, Chandigarh and Ambala by road. Regular and frequent bus services are available from Delhi and Chandigarh to Kasauli. The road service here is quite good, which makes your journey quite comfortable.

How To  Reach Kasol By Rail:- 

If you are planning to go to Kasauli by rail, then first know that there is no railway station of your own in Kasauli here. Kalka is the most important railway station in North India, located about 40 km closest to Kasauli2.What is Kasol Famous for- Bhuntar tourist place on kasol tour:-. Kalka railway station well connected to major cities of India like Amritsar, Delhi, Kolkata, Chandigarh, Mumbai by good trains.

7. What Is Kasol Famous For- Kasol Trip Budget

Now, this is a critical thing to inform in a blog because, this may vary from place to place, such as it may vary depending on the type of hotel type of cab you choose, the season, number of days you sare staying there. So, its going to vary from person to person. Hence here, I am going breaksown the budget that you would required for a standard trip with a standard hotel, in a normal cab and in a hot season.

So, here is the detailes of the trip budget.

Imagining you are travelling from Delhi.

Delhi to Bhuntar : Cheapest, fastest and scenic travel option : INR 600 - 800 by Himachal Pradesh Roadways(or private) non ac bus.

Manali to Kasol : Shared Cab/Bus INR 200 -400 Kasol Staying : 3 nights : 3* 550 =INR 1650 - Assuming Hostel with Bunk Beds and common toilets. There are better options but the prices vary according to what you avail.

INR 2000 - Other Requirements.

INR 1500 - The food is to die for or you just got the munchies. Who cares?

Its food INR 500 - Hot Water(sometimes it will cost you INR 15. Showering is strictly optional) , Medicines for headache, bruises etc.

So total of high ends : INR 7000 for a fairly comfortable trip "high" up in the himalayas.

Add additional INR 1200 for return to Delhi Updated total : INR 8000 and about.

Carrying INR 2000 extra for just in case is a good thing.

8. Itinerary:

Kasol is a solo traveler’s Paradise and a destination perfect for hash lovers and those who want some time away from the monotony of the scheduled life in the lap of mountains and the hash-high ambience.
You can almost stay there a month and explore Kasol and its nearby villages which too are beautiful and serene. But for a long weekend getaway, 3–4 days are enough to explore the place to have a memorable “Kasol” trip.
Okay, Let me just break down the whole process.
What to do and Where to Go
Day 1:
You reach Kasol. Check in to a Hostel/Hotel. Try ShivShanti/ Evergreen Cafe and head to Manikaran Gurudwara. ( can have langar there)
Spend some time on the riverside. Chill !!!
Day 2:
Must Visit Malana Village. or else if you are a trek person, opt for Kheerganga Trek. I just won’t get into the details about how to reach there. You can stay there in a tent (Well, you should).
And Chill !!! Of course..
Day 3:
You bid adieu to the lovely Kheerganga and head back to Barshaini. You must be tired, and have two options:
Either go back to Kasol, or move to Tosh which is around 4kms away from there. I would suggest the latter one. You can stay there at the famous Pinki Didi Guest House or come back the same day according to your time boundaries.
Kasol trip should not be a kind of trip where you will be just rushing from one place to another. Don’t do that just for sake of crossing these places off your list. Give enough time to each place. You can skip one or two places according to your time limitations.
And Luckily if you have enough time left, explore the nearby villages like Kalga, Pulga and Chalal.


 I Have given all the required information and now I think it has become the most detailed guide ever on internet about kasol. And now you have sucessfully cleared your every single doubt about your upcoming Kasol trip after reading this. So, share it with all your trip-mates and let them also clear their doubts. If you have any further query just leave a comment or visit our forum page which gives expert reply to your query within 24 hours.

Wish You All Happy Journey!

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