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 Leh Ladakh Road Trip- Best Winter Road Trip Plan

The mountains will greet Williams will whisper stories, sandals will dance and the lake will leave you amazed. A place which is very beyond sea level and your imagination- Leh Ladakh.

Leh Ladakh Road Trip- How to reach.

  • Choose roads or flight but rather taking a flight to Leh here are the two best ways to reach Leh Ladakh. Srinagar to Leh by Cargill or Manali to leh by Kilong or Jespa. 
In this blog I will take you through the roads of Manali to Leh.
From Manali you can hire a bike or car to reach Leh


Leh Ladakh Road Trip- DAY-1

We chose car which was not at all a bad idea, the distance roughly comes to some 400 kilometers and the mountains follow you all the way till Leh. Leh Ladakh is all about adventure and bike is the best way to fill the thrills. You'll find plenty of bikers on your way who travels all the way from different states and many from different countries. Bikers love to wave their country flag so you'll find many flags at the back of bikes and cars. All the riding and driving is possible because of our BRO and by that I mean Border Road Organization, they gave us those wonderful roads and VT sign boards which you will find time and again on your way.

First you'll come across the very famous Rohtang pass, during winter both the sides of the road are covered by snow. In the mountain surely you cannot find Dominoes or McDonald's all you'll find is the hospitality of the natives out here and their delicious homemade cuisine. 
By Dawn you should find a place to stay and Jispa is the best. This Stay is important so that you don't miss out the scenic beauty at night. The tensor will range you somewhere between 800 to 1500. 

Leh Ladakh Road Trip- Day-2

There are fear of patches which you got to be careful about. But definitely the ride will be something which will stay with you forever.
The wonderful gate is a sign that you have arrived at your destination find a stay as per your requirement. You can find a lavish one or just a regular pocket-friendly stay. 

Leh Ladakh Road Trip- DAY-3

First day you can go around to the places in Leh. You can hire a bike and try your hand for the first day the roads of leh are good and well populated so you don't have to worry too much.

Leh Palace- It was built in the 17th century but the King Sengge Namgyal the royal residence old yet very strong and the carving are fresh like it is curved yesterday. The palace has got some art from the 17th century. It is a nine storied building the upper floor accommodated the royal family while the lower floor held the storerooms. 
There is a weekly Tower built over the palace in the memories of tramping brave Ladakhi soldiers before the invading armies of baltic Kashmiri. The palace is open to the public and the roof provides a panoramic view of Leh and the surrounding areas.

Leh-ladakh-road-trip-2Then the next stop would be Shanti Stupa a buddhist wide dome stupa on the hilltop in transpa this splendid structure was built in 1991 and the place holds the release of buddha at its peace. The stupa too has some fine carvings all over. Here mini tourist comes in search of peace and do long ask of meditation
Leh Ladakh is a land of real heroes which is our Indian Army. The Hall of Fame will take you through the legacy of Indian Army their achievements and evolution if you're wondering what you'll find here you will see the number of battalions we have weapons we used before for photos info on BRO Leh Ladakh and war stories. 
Ever imagined what will be the final word of a soldier...! 
You will find one here
the last letter written by a soldier to his family when he was surrounded by the
Gurudwara Pathar Sahib was a next destination the place has the story to tell which you should read before entering the Gurudwara a well built and will be fully maintained by the Indian Army the place has 365 days of Langar
for anyone and everyone. 
Magnetic Hill a gravity he located on Leh Ladakh highway and h1 the magnetic force at this place makes the vehicle move on its own without any efforts. 

Hemis Monastery- Situated 45 kilometers from the leh town the monastery was established in 1672 by the Ladakhi king. The annual Hemis festival honoring Padmasambhava is healthier in early June. Situated 18 kilometers from leh in the Indus Valley Hicks a monastery is the largest monastery in central Ladakh district in Jammu and Kashmir. The 12-story monastery has ten temples an assembly hall and is home to 120 monks and the monastery buildings are structured in a hierarchical order the monastery symbols put la Palace in Lhasa Tibet.
Shey Palace- 15 kilometer from the Leh town the palace was built in 1665 by the king of Ladakh as his summer retreat. Located at an altitude of around 11,204 feet above sea level. 

Leh Ladakh Road Trip- DAY-4

Now that we are done with the must visit places around Leh it's time to move to Nubra Valley. The route to Hunder is also known as Nubra Valley. You can also go to Turtuk village which is around 160 kilometers from Hunder. Turtuk village was under Pakistan's control until 1971 after which India gained control of this strategic area. on your way to Nubra Valley you come across the highest motorable Road in the world Khardung La Pass.
Leh-ladakh-road-trip-4At Nubra valley you will find these lovely animals the rare seen double hump camel the ride will cost you just 200 bucks.
Deskit Monastery is not only the oldest but also the largest Buddhist Gompa in the Nubra valley. The majestic statue of Jampa Buddha will catch your sight from far, facing the Shyok river the statue sits tall with the height of 32 meters and was constructed with the help of the natives of the valley. 
Now we are heading to Pangong Lake here is a tricky route there are three ways to reach Pangong. 

  • First way- is to go back to Leh which is definitely a very long and unreasonable route.
  • Second way- is to head towards Agham and via Sarkti reach Pangong. 
  • Third way- is definitely the shortest and the deadliest screw this will take you through Shyok river. The roads are bad and there are three rivers that you have to cross. So avoid this road and make sure you don't go this way. On your way you will cross the chang la paz the third highest motorable Road.
Leh-ladakh-road-trip-4Here we are at Pangong lake yes the same place where "Three Idiots" were shot. The charismatic lake is situated on the Changthang plateau and is at the height of 4250 metres. Crystalline blue lake sprawls over an area of 134 kilometers across the borders of two countries in India and China. Don't fall prey to the hoardings the real scene was shot a little further which you need to find. The lively Lake comes to a standstill during winter. The surface of the lake turns so solid that one can
walk over the frozen lake then becomes a playground for ice skaters and skiers from around the world. 
When you are done with all the spots spend a refreshing day back in Leh, visit the leh market find accessories work of art which you buy at the cost of your kidney these stuffs are expensive.
Leh market is also famous for the varieties of pashmina shawl one thing you should pick up is a custom-made t-shirt.
The t-shirt design through sweet patterns the price range will be anywhere between
350 to 500 all depends on the selection of your design.

Yes this place will set a benchmark which no regulatory spot can match for the people who are planning for this place have a safe and Rocking Journey.
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