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The Incredible Shillong


How To Reach- 

The best route to reach Shillong is through airways. Direct flights are there from Kolkata to Shillong. But we had reached Guwahati First, then we had reached to Shillong By Car.

Keep In Mind- 

There are many hotels to stay in Shillong. You can easily avail governmental and non-governmental cars there for sightseeing.


Home of cloud. Country of orchid and butterfly. Rain god's own kingdom. Full of memories of Rabindranath Tagore. We traveled Shillong by and now sharing our experiences with you all to make the people feel about Shillong Before They Land There Physically.

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"Sesher. Kobita." By Rabindranath Tagore rotates by the hills of Shillong. So, from other than beauty of nature, because of Tagore Bengalis have attraction from the far past towards Shillong.

I was wondering where to go from past few days. Suddenly, the name of Shillong came into mind. Shillong is capital of Meghalaya. Home of Clouds. Country of orchid and butterfly. Own Kingdom of the Rain god. I have a strange attraction of knowing the unknown through travelling. We can know the unknown by travelling to the place, standing on its chest. Keeping that hope in mind, 
we landed in Guwahati airport.  From Guwahati, car straight to Shillong. Nearly travel of three hours.
We landed in Guwahati and we were quite tired. On the way after eating Momo and taking tea in a cottage, body and mind, both became refreshing. We resumed our journey again.
Top View of  Guwahati City, Assam

I had heard that world's most hot chillies are found in these hills. As soon as I told these words to my driver, he stopped the car and brought a fewchillies for us. "Be Careful do not put the hand with which you touched the chilli on eyes or else it will create a catastrophe" he warned.

Before Shillong Nature had made a slight glimpse of the natural watercourse, the Umium Lake. Call from the bottomless water. I wished to reply to his call, but someone limited time. Hence promising to come back afterward, we reached Shillong through small, beautiful roads. 

After having food in Panthaniwas, I only waited for the night to spend off. Waking early in the morning we went out after completing our breakfast. From the early morning, the market was hot. We roamed the market and after that went to that place for which my heart was restless from the beginning
Rabindranath Tagore's Memorial
House. Wonderful natural scene. The middle of a bungalow surrounded by pine and fur tree. On the white marble, someone wrote information about his location, on it.
Rabindranath came to Shillong 3 times. Then once he stayed in the Brookside bungalow, just beside the Shillong Vidhansabha. In this Bungalow only, he wrote the novel "Sesher Kobita." And Today, Shillong Vidhansabha conserves this bungalow as "Tagore Art Gallery". 

While travelling golf cluband race course was taken to see. Pine surrounded all the sides. What a wonderful natural scene...!! 
Sitting on the Greenpeace field under the cloud-wrapped sky, I received the gift of nature with open hand, and it filled my life.
Ward's Lake ShillongCity's huge Ward Lake.- Communication only through a wooden bridge. 
From there we 

went to 
Botanical Garden.-The  botanical garden of Shillong is very different. Because we heard we could not find elsewhere so many kinds of mountain trees together at the same place. In far childhood, I had read about the Insectivorous plant and today I had time to witness it with my own eyes. I remembered the words of Jagadish Chandra Bose. He was the first ever person to express the life of a plant in front of the entire world

Apart from the tree, the thing special to see here is the confluence of various types of worms and insects. varicolored magnificent Mind inebriating butterflies.  As soon as you see your mind becomes better  

Shillong,Meghalaya -03/25/17 : Shillong peak .
Before the day ends, we went to fur, pine and Barch surrounded Shillong PeakHere the cold is a bit more. But nature and atmosphere are much more soothing.  The whole city and the surrounding nature decorate itself with various colors of green. Seeing that can anyone turn our eyes? I feel to stand in between those horizon spread greenery forever. Seeing to seeing, white cloud flew over our head. A wonderful calm appeared in the mind witnessing white cloud that appeared in Shillong. 

The next day we visited the Umium Lake.This artificial lake was made of embankment. This is the main source of water in Shillong. Dense forest surrounded the lake. 

At childhood before the geography test I used to learn- which is the place of the world receiving highest rainfall? The answer was Cherapunjee. But Cherrapunji lost that glory today. I really feel sad seeing the grayness of the green forest. While returning, we went to the elephant falls. This waterfall has come down in three steps from the hill. Its beauty pleased my eyes. 

Beautiful Aerial View of Mawphlang Dam
Here's another mind blogging place-MawphlangThe ornament of Orchid trees and flowers. On the way met with several water falls whose names are unknown. As if nature has decorated Meghalaya with open hands. Famous cave fabricated with his own hand. One of the long caves of the earth. No one knows how long it is. For the safety of those who come to see, most part of the cave are not disclosed to them. Because once you lose of the path, you will be ruined.

Now, mind was attracted towards MawsynramThere is no need to remember where you are going. Much below the road, ancient haunted caves of limestone. A "Shivlinga" is present there. The water reservoir is continuously falling on it. From below the cave sound of the endless flowing water is heard below the cave. Who knows where it starts...! A peculiar set of narcissism prevails across Mawsynram.

From Mawsynram we turned towards Moling. This is the "Cleanest City" of Asia and famous living route bridge. A strange match of man and nature. Slowly, this bridge has been built treating the roots of many ancient cumin trees. Who says mechanics is the last word in the modern age of civilization? Now time has come to really come back. Meghalaya would like to engage in the chest with two hands. I was thinking how fine it would have been if Meghalaya would be my own ALAY (House). Shillong hills were calling me back. While returning only the words of Rabindranath ringed in my heart. 


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