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Clouds, Fog and peace.....


The Places we will visit are-" 'Tinchule' and 'Chota Mangoa' ".

If you walk along the roads of Tinchule it will fill your heart with the two sided crop fields. Fields of Tomato, cabbagecauliflowers full on two sides of roads. Tea Gardens are also present in some places by the roads. Apart from home-stays cultivation is the main occupation of the people here. 

Mysterious all Turns. Somewhere, these places have to the turn into the fine clouds.

Taking all these scattered images in mind we left from Takdah towards the depth of the mountain, in one side of it lies Tinchule and a few more steps from there lies the Chota Mangoa. In one corner of the silent hill spreads itself-Tinchule. While the way to Chota Mangoa where The way had gone towards left, from there starts the Tinchule settlement. How much this route has went alongside this road lies the homestay and guest house. That also few and hand countable... 

The pleasure 'n' fun is to stay at those homestays are great difference.The hill has gradually dropped. far away Many hills coming where makes a valley there can see a one full Teesta. The scene of the dawn sprawling in the ditch at the mountain is a big mascot.

Being a small place we can tour it walking on foot. On the one hand the hill on the other side is the village.Walk in the morning with fog and clouds or Come back to the evening with some turn round. The solitude is enjoyable. From there on, you can get away to Teesta-Rangita confluence. While returning from there, you can get the bird eye view of these two rivers.

But suppose you do not go Tinchule or go ahead in the mysterious foggy path. Shortly afterwards, you will reach the mountain back. While going from one hill to another, we have to pass through such backs. It also forms the same kind of back in Chota Mangoa. Where-ever you enter you will find scarp, through the large stone thrown sidetrack. And if you go ahead to the opposite side leaving the hotels and homestays back, you will reach a somewhat plain land. And witness a different view there.

Before the hotels of Chota Mangoa there are barren slices of land. at the end of there are barriers. The mountain topping the barriers had reached Teesta. In those lands there are gardens and places to sit. We could pass the whole day by sitting and chatting here and watching the clouds-mountains...

But it also true saying if you have luck from both villages, you can speculate the magnificent Kanchenjunga. Or if not, what's! the loss!!?
Both the places Kalimpong and Darjeeling are 2 hrs. of the car ride. Gangtok!, little more. If you plan a trip with these places, then a two days in lap of Himalaya is less in what!

Before returning bring a lungful of oxygen and a few moments of peace....


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