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Snow on the tip of grass. (Kashmir of Odisha)


Went for a tour and didn't taste the food of the place....It is not possible. While sitting for food heart delighted with the 'Dalma', made up cereal and dal.And dont forget to taste the coffee at morning and evening at Daringbardi  Hill.

Forest of Sal-Segun an of mountain coffee.....Travel a new Odisha.


Only the salty taste of beaches will not stick in your face, a different softness of this Odisha prevails throughout your body and heart.

Water scarcity in India : News PhotoAfter Coming down to Bhubaneshwar you have to reach Satkosia through Angul. Through the Tikorepara hill the Mahanadi approximately flows 7 miles. From which this place get its name Satkosia. On sand of the bank of Mahanadi we got our place to stay, in the camps. Its better to book earlier. If you reach the place in full moon day your stay in the tent would be a great success. With the waking up with the bark of 'chitole' and sambhar birds, went out to the chest of Mahanadi for boating. A single boat can take upto 5 to 8 peoples. In this 45 mins. of boat ride you can find 'Pahadi Maina', 'Malabar Hornbill', 'Indian Skimmer', type of birds and crocodile. If you move forward along the gorge your eye will get fixed to the beauty of the hills.

The next day you can come around Satkoshia Tiger Reserve. But only 40 tourist vehicles can enter there per day into the reserve from the Pampasar, Chamunda and the Kashang gate. 24 through Pampasar gate, 10 from Chamunda gate and 6 from Kashang gate. Inside the forest you can witness Elephant, 'Chitole' and Sambar. If have a better luck you may have a meet a Tiger too. Bison, Cheetah, Bucking Deer and Panthers also have their huge families in these forests. And there are 161 kinds of bird species. the best time to visit is from October to May. You can find out the information about the Eco-Tours from the Satkosia website or you can contact the officers of Mahanadi wildlife division.

Taking the  freshness of tender green forest, we advanced           twowards
Sunset point at Daringbadi in odisha
the Kashmir of Odisha "Daringbadi".
Around five hours journey from Satkosia by road. During the British rule one officer of this area has made his bungalow of wood in this region and stayed at that place thereafter. From there the place have go its name "Daringbari". This such that like a paradise state! This small village is known as the "Kashmir of Odisha". From the local peoplewe came to know that snowfall occurs in this place during winter. But though wee didn't get such snowfall but have seen snow stacked to the tip of grass in the morning..........! Mesmerizing.........! It doesn't feel bad to stay drowned inside the coffee at the hotel. Its is very spectacular to observe the views of the greenfield coffee garden and Black Peeper gardens which turns grey  during the evening sunset in front foreground of red sky. Nearby there is Puduti waterfall and Lovers Point. And there is Hill View Park. From the park situated at the elevation of 3000 ft. from the sea level the whole village elevates in front of the eye like a drawn picture.

Belghar Sanctury is also very famous. In the deep Foresty way you can find many elephants from this side to that side. Before returning from the Tribal Village Barakhama we collected few "Dokra" Ornaments and stepped towards returning ways. But mind Returned where! Still today as soon as I close my eyes I reach to that path of the forest. The sense organs woke up all together in the smell of coffee.    

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